Articles I enjoyed…and thought you might like, too.

Taken by Kevin Wax in 2010

Just for fun, and because it’s NOT original, we’ll call this Kevin’s Seven.

1. Chris Carr, who blogs at Redeeming the Time, asks us if leaders need to be holy. What do you think?

2. The HumbleBrag; Justin Taylor, of Between Two Worlds, adds another word to the lexicon; the HumbleBrag. Yeah…this resonates with me.

3. Are you modeling? Dave Fellman, Sales Pro Extraordinaire asks you if you are using this valuable tool. I too built a LOT of airplane models when I was growing up…so I was already interested. Dave takes this to new heights.

4. Fallen victim to the Groupon craze? Here’s an interesting article by Joel Widmer on the pitfalls of Groupon…if you’re a business owner looking for new customers.

5. Seth Godin explores the relationship between management and culture. What are you adding to the culture of your tribe?

6. I like this post by Tim Challies, How I Write, How I Live. Tim tells us why he has to live his next book before he can write it…with apologies to Starbucks.

7. Victor Davis Hansen explores The Philosophies of Illegal Immigration and why it’s so difficult to even talk about II in America today.


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